We Brew Great Coffee.

We love coffee. It's our passion, our focus, our inspiration. We serve coffee from our roastery, Hold Fast Coffee Co, so that we can ensure that every shot is perfectly dialed in and every drink is just like you like it.


We Serve Great People.

We believe there's no greater joy than serving people. It's more than a good attitude and an extra-wide smile. It's what we care about most. Coffee and people—we really can't separate the two. From sourcing to roasting, training to building partnerships, we do it all with others in mind.


We Create a Great Partnerships.

At Hold Fast Coffee Co, we deeply value our wholesale partners. We’re on your team, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you thrive. We might show up at your grand opening with balloons and champagne. Maybe we’ll stop by to work as guest baristas in your shop. Want to visit our roastery and pick our brains? Come by any time.


Peak Place
2360 Montebello Square Drive, Suite H1
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Monday - Friday: 6a - 9p
Saturday: 8a - 9p
Sunday: 9a - 5p